History of WeDemocrats.orgEdit is the largest grassroots-netroots connected network of democratic activists and voters in the history of the internet. or WeDems as is commonly used when referring to the Organization, began as a local precinct organization in May, 2006, when four friends from Johnson County sat around in WeDems Founder Ron McBride’s living room, discussing how they could get Local County Democrats to run for office.

In July 2006, the local group became interested in the IL-19 race of Dem. Danny Stover who was attempting to unseat Republican Rep. John Shimkus. And WeDems spread across the 30 counties of IL-19. When three of the four friends decided they didn’t have time to get involved in more than local politics, Ron decided to go it alone.

But a funny thing happened, people kept joining the group, not only in the 30 counties of the Congressional District, but across the State of Illinois. People liked what Ron was writing in the various blogs (DailyKos, IldemNet, and on his own blog known at the time as KnowItAll on Blogstream (now WeDemocrats). Later WeDems created their own Blog at

By October WeDemocrats was going Nationwide, Ron signed on with Democracy for America as a national group, because he admired what Howard Dean was doing, and within two months 1,288 members from all 50 States and the District of Columbia had joined, including Americans Abroad. Today WeDems is over 3,600 members, 7245 subscribers and a mailing list of 91,000+.

WeDems is operated by an all volunteer staff of Coordinators in all 50 states and D.C.

WeDems includes local democratic clubs as well as Central Committees as members. Green Party members, Independents, Progressives, and 43 Republicans are also members.

WeDems is has no offices, we do accept donations through our WeDemocrats.orgPAC. We are an unincorporated Association, non-connected to any party inspite of our name. We coordinate between local Political Organizations and Groups to further advance a Progressive agenda.

WeDemocrats’ Mission:Edit

To act as a voice for disenfranchised democratic voters.

To provide voter and citizen action education to people wanting to make a difference in their communities.

To support progressive democratic candidates for local, state, and national political office by providing publicity and volunteers to campaigns, and working with candidates to promote a progressive agenda for the nation.

Ron McBride

Website and LinksEdit

WeDemocrats Mail List

WeDemocrats Discussion Site

Main Website

Weekly Online Magazine:

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