Unity Coalition Meeting
State Meeting Bellingham, WA
April 28, 2007 

1. Questions for each caucus:

  • What are the goals/priorities of each caucus?
  • What are Dwight Pelz’s expectations of each caucus?
  • How does each caucus help the State Party?
  • Does each caucus want a role in influencing the State Party on issues of importance to their constituency?
  • Does each caucus currently effective in influencing the issues/priorities the State Party addresses?
  • Does each caucus want a vote in State Party matters?
  • Do caucuses want to influence State Party?
  • Do caucuses want to influence other caucuses?

2. Questions for Unity Coalition:

  • What are the goals of the Unity Coalition?
  • How does Unity Coalition implement its goals?
  • What are the operating assumptions for the Unity Coalition?
  • What findings and conclusions does the Unity Coalition want to make?
  • Should the Unity Coalition develop an outreach plan?
  • Should the Unity Coalition submit a plan to Dwight Pelz which discusses how Coalition can help him achieve his goals?
  • How often should the Coalition members meet? Phone? In person?
  • If Coalition members only meet at State Party meetings will not be able to get much done.
  • Need to meet prior to State Party meeting if want to influence things that happen at the meeting.

3. Miscellaneous items:

  • Luis Muscoso has some written some “white papers” regarding issues Unity Coalition should work on.
  • There was an “outreach plan” that was drafted but no one knows where it is.
  • Currently only groups that have vote are Young Democrats and Women’s Federation. Black caucus once had a vote.
  • All attending meeting expressed an interest in continuing to meet and figuring out how we can coordinate and collaborate on issues.

4. Things not discussed at meeting but may need to be considered:

  • Who should be invited to participate in Unity Coalition?
  • What, if any, membership rules should exist?
  • Who should be responsible for facilitating meetings of Coalition?
  • Who should be responsible for developing an agenda?
  • Who should be responsible for scheduling and informing members of meetings?
  • Should the Coalition have an executive board?
  • What should be the function of the board?
  • What authority and/or responsibilities should be entrusted to the board?
  • What are the rules that govern such things as voting?
  • Should the coalition have a bank account?
  • What are the anticipated expenses of the Coalition?
  • Should the Coalition engage in fundraising separate from any fundraising efforts by the caucuses?
  • Should expenses of the Coalition be covered by mandatory donations from each caucus? If so, what should the donation amount be?

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