September 2006 WSDCC Meeting - WSPC Meeting and Potluck

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Notes from MeetingEdit

Skip the reading of the minutes—none taken in Yakima.

Old BusinessEdit

Bylaws –progressive delegation

Larry-- Purpose is a level playing field—attendance is driven by where the quarterly meetings happen to be held. This proposal has to be out to membership within ten days.

Elaine—heavy weighting toward rural areas.

Wendy—Progressive caucus members wherever you find them A member of the Snohomish County Progressive Caucus

Martha—clarify membership first. Official list. Accomplish voting by email.

Elaine and Martha will work on this.


Put on the website a way to discuss this

New BusinessEdit

Approval of resolutions

Resolution 116. Resolutions Committee recommends passage. We need democratic representation, and there are issues of race as well. Move to have the Progressive Caucus endorse R 116. APIC acknowledges that some over-representation of rural areas is called for, but thinks the present set-up goes too far in that direction.

Present situation results from what was essentially a coup in 1980 by the Scoop Jackson wing of the party. Analogy to the Senate and the House, one represented by population and the other not. Unanimous endorsement.

Other resolutions

R233—A Remedy for workplace bullying. Does not refer to a specific legislative remedy. Benton county legislators have introduced bills in the past. Refer back for recommendation? Motion to endorse. Refer back to specific legislation.

Resolution 214 to endorse universal health care HR676.

Resolution 112

Resolution to Impeach Bush and Cheney Res 276.

Lost quorum--

Request for CD coordinators

Good of the order



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