The Wake up Walmart tour is coming to Seattle! Actually, we're the end of the line, and they're planning a big event at Seattle's Town Hall. Interested in attending? Well, you're in luck. I was just contacted by Steve Lancing from UFCW Local 21, and he would like DFW's help promoting the end point of the Wake up Walmart Bus Tour. He has 50 tickets for DFA supporters in Washington. First come first serve!

The event will be at Seattle's Town Hall on September 4th, Labor Day, from 6pm to 7:15pm. Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, other members of Congress and elected officials are supposed to attend. There is no donation requested from people! This is a free event!

Other groups involved include:

  • National Organization for Women
  • Sierra Club
  • King County Labor Council
  • Washington State Labor Council
  • various other Unions in Washington
  • Church Council of Greater Seattle
  • Washington Association of Churches
  • Citizens Action
  • Children's Alliance
  • NW Immigration Project
  • Urban League
  • Jobs with Justice

and many others.

Let's use the communications infrastructure provided to us by DFA. I'm going to post this on the DFA-Link blog for Democracy for Washington, and throw it out to the mailing list. Anyone interested in a ticket needs to post a comment to that blog post, first come first serve. Please, no emails requestnig tickets. I wouldn't be able to keep up. No more than 3 tickets per request, please.

Chad Lupkes Democracy for Washington

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