Foreign PolicyEdit

The Foreign Policy Platform Group agreed on the following two action items.

1. A printed Action Alert in the February Demogram should request members to e-mail, telephone or write City Councilmembers in support of the Exit Iraq resolution currently sponsored by the Church Council of Seattle and the interfaith network of Concern for the People of Iraq.

The 46th's Foreign Policy Platform Group's draft formulation of such a resolution is: "The City of Seattle rejects the concept of the "War on Terror: and calls for immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq."

The actual resolution as circulating among members of INOQ and the Church Council of Seattle is somewhat longer. Details are available at:

NOTE: It would be helpful to identify a City Councilmember willing to introduce such a resolution. (If appointed, I would be willing to sponsor the resolution.) Rationale: Cities are taking leadership positions where the Federal government is failing us--see Mayor Greg Nickels' work on the Kyoto Accords. Several cities have already endorsed such a resolution regarding the "War on Terror" and Iraq.

2. A printed Action Alert in an upcoming Demogram should request members to e-mail, telephone or write Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell to reject the reconfirmation of John Bolton as U.N. Ambassador when he comes up for reconfirmation in January 2007 and to demand that he be replaced with an individual committed to the success of the united Nations.

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