Voter Guides is a base station for us to track what elections are coming up and what candidates & measures will be on the ballot. We can't do this without your help! Please find your region, and help us fill in the blanks. You know who will be on the ballot in your district better than we do.

There is lots of red because we have a lot of work to do!

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Nations: Afghanistan | Armenia | Azerbaijan1 | Bahrain | Bangladesh | Bhutan | Brunei | Cambodia | China | Cyprus | East Timor2 | Egypt3 | Georgia1 | India | Indonesia2 | Iran | Iraq | Israel | Japan | Jordan | Kazakhstan1 | Kuwait | Kyrgyzstan | Laos | Lebanon | Malaysia | Maldives | Mongolia | Myanmar | Nepal | North Korea | Oman | Pakistan | Philippines | Qatar | Russia1 | Saudi Arabia | Singapore | South Korea | Sri Lanka | Syria | Taiwan 4 | Tajikistan | Thailand | Turkey1 | Turkmenistan | United Arab Emirates | Uzbekistan | Vietnam | Yemen

Territories: Hong Kong (PRC) | Jammu/Kashmir (India/Pakistan/PRC) | Macau (PRC) | Nagorno-Karabakh (Azerbaijan) | Nakhichevan (Azerbaijan) | Palestinian territories (Israel/Palestinian National Authority) | Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Cyprus)

(1) Partly in Europe; (2) Partly or wholly reckoned in Oceania; (3) Mostly in Africa; (4) Independence disputed by China.


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Resources to help guide the crafting of non-partisan voter guides include:

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