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Washington State 7th DistrictEdit

Jim McDermott (D) is one of the most consistently progressive members of the US House. In 2004, he recieved over 80% of the vote from Seattle and Vashon Island.

Washington State 8th DistrictEdit

Darcy Burner (D) is taking on Rep. Dave Reichert (R). Burner is a strong progressive running a very strong campaign.

New JerseyEdit

New Jersey 7th DistrictEdit

Assemblywoman Linda Stender (D - Union County) has a fair chance of defeating incumbent Rep. Mike Ferguson (R - Somerset County). Ferguson is a reliable rubber-stamp for the Administration's extremist right-wing policies and anti-choice fanatics. He is the highest recipient of drug company money in the House, and the third highest recipient in all of Congress. He consistently rewards their largesse by voting for anti-patient and anti-consumer legislation. Ferguson is also the #1 recipient of Tom DeLay's PAC money and has only a 17% rating from the League of Conservation Voters, though he claims to be pro-environment. Stender, a former freeholder (county executive) and former mayor is basing her campaign on affordable healthcare, providing real homeland security, making America energy-independent, improving education and preserving the environment.

Stender has been endorsed by Democracy for America, New Jersey for Democracy, Garden State Equality, Emily's List, NARAL, the Sierra Club and other organizations.

Linda Stender for Congress

Dump Mike Ferguson

NOT Ferguson for Congress

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