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The Century Foundation conducts public policy research and analyses of economic, social, and foreign policy issues, including inequality, retirement security, election reform, media studies, homeland security, and international affairs. The foundation produces books, reports, and other publications, convenes task forces, and working groups and operates eight informational Web sites. With offices in New York City and Washington, D.C., The Century Foundation is nonprofit and nonpartisan and was founded in 1919 by Edward A. Filene.


  • 41 East 70th Street
  • New York, NY 10021
  • 212.535.4441
  • 212.535.7534 (Fax)


Chairman Alan Brinkley

Vice Chairman James A. Leach

Treasurer Lewis B. Kaden

Secretary & Clerk Alicia H. Munnell

President Richard C. Leone

H. Brandt AyersAlan BrinkleyJoseph A. Califano, Jr.Alexander Morgan CapronHodding Carter IIIEdward E. David, Jr.Brewster C. DennyChristopher Edley, Jr.Charles V. HamiltonMatina S. HornerLewis B. KadenJames A. LeachRichard C. LeoneJessica Tuchman MathewsAlicia H. MunnellP. Michael PitfieldJohn PodestaRichard RavitchAlan SagnerHarvey I. Sloane, M.D. • Theodore C. SorensenKathleen M. SullivanShirley WilliamsWilliam Julius Wilson

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