We work for social, economic, and environmental justice and nonviolent conflict resolution at every level.

We empower people to:

  • Advocate and promote policies that improve the health, education, environment, prosperity, safety, and well-being of the residents of Southern Arizona, the nation, and the world
  • Recruit, endorse, support, and elect candidates at all levels of public office who will actively work for sustainability and peace, and social, economic, and environmental justice, and who support our Constitutional rights
  • Hold political candidates and elected officials to a greater degree of accountability to these progressive policies and ideals
  • Work for a more democratic, transparent, fair, and open political process
  • Work with other national, state, and local progressive action groups to seek creative new solutions
  • Inspire, involve, and empower progressive Southern Arizonans to participate in the political process

We have already had an impact on local and national races.

We are reaching out to our candidates and incumbents to discuss our vision for public policy.

Join us in making that voice louder.

You can join this announcement list free, or you can join as a voting member of Sonora Progressives at

Our annual dues are only $10, and it takes about a minute to join. Or you can bring a check to our next meeting.

Thank you for your involvement!

Jeff Latas
Chair, Sonora Progressives
(PDA Chapter in Tucson, Arizona)

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