Board of DirectorsEdit

Steve Doherty Founding Co-Chair

David Sirota Founding Co-Chair

Wes Boyd

David Brock Media Matters for America

Rep. Garnet Coleman Texas House of Representatives

Assemblyman Adriano Espaillat New York Assembly

Leo Gerard United Steelworkers of America

Ellen Golombek SEIU

Lisa Seitz Gruwell Skyline Public Works

Joe Hoeffel former Congressman and state legislator

Steven Kest ACORN

George Lakoff Rockridge Institute

Ned Lamont, Jr. Lamont Digital Systems

Robert McChesney Free Press

Rep. Hannah Pingree Maine House of Representatives

John Podesta Center for American Progress

Lee Saunders AFSCME

Naomi Walker AFL-CIO

Rep. Neva Walker Minnesota State House

Rep. David Zuckerman Vermont State House

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