Western Washington Progressives meeting, planning for WSPC Reorg and the next few years.

Location: Lake City Library, Seattle, 1-4pm

The first person to show up was Fred Morris from the 36th District. He gave me a quick presentation on Cluster Analysis, describing the basic process behind the statistics and showed some examples from the 36th District and King County. I think we can make use of the concept with precinct targeting.

The other people to come were Elaine Phelps from the 32nd, Justin Simmons from the 46th and Martha Koester from the 11th.

Elaine discussed the need for the party structure to be more responsive to the grassroots.

Martha believes that we should send a letter to the WSPC mailing list asking for a personal declaration that everyone wishes to be a member of the Progressive Caucus.

We discussed the potential structures available to PDCW and the WSPC, and decided we needed more information about the legal requirements and implications. The Disability Caucus is an "official caucus" of the Democratic Party, but nobody knew what that meant. Martha will contact Julian Wheeler, an attorney in the Disability Caucus that should have more information on organizational structures.

Chad expressed a desire that one of the goals of the Progressive Caucuses in Washington should be to encourage progressives in the legislature to form a Legislative Progressive Caucus. Using Cluster analysis could be a way to determine who the members of that caucus should be. This has been done on a national level by out of the University of California, San Diego.

A discussion was held about the need to track and coordinate resolutions to the WSDCC.

A discussion was made of the need to allow participation based on where people are rather than where we would wish them to be. We need to be open to email, phone, blogs, wikis, lists and any other type of participation that people wish to have, or can have given the size of our state.

Submitted to PDA by Chad Lupkes

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