Kids Ballot Meeting

September 26, 2006

Chad Lupkes, Alyssa Plut, Barbara Whitt

We propose to make up a “ballot” for PCO’s to enclose with their literature drop. The format will be ½ page, printed on both sides and tri-folded.

It will have 3 different age groups – elementary school, middle school and high school with age appropriate candidates for various offices and or other general, district related questions. We will have it in an envelope for privacy and to enable parents to either bring it to the PCO’s house for drop off or put a stamp on for mailing back to the PCO’s. These ballots will either be collected by the three of us or PCO’s can email the results back. The results will be announced to the precincts by the PCO’s.

Alyssa will be contacting schools and the school board to see what they are doing for election year education. Barbara will write to Bob Ferguson to see if he is aware of the election offices doing anything for kids. And Chad will contact the other District Chairs in King County.

Barbara will have the “ballots” photocopied and cut (and possibly folded) at the Costco business center in Lynnwood. Alyssa will stuff them into envelopes for distribution. It will be entirely up to each individual PCO as to whether or not they will want to participate.

It is our hope that the eboard will approve of this to put on Janet’s porch for PCO’s to pick up.

Chad and Alyssa, will Janet be willing to give us the PCO list so that we can email them (preferred method) or call them (in all of our spare time)? We can bring this up at the district meeting, but it has to be before the board this Sunday at 4P.

Chad, do you want to put this into proposal form for the board?


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