Ranking 6th out of 50 states in most permissive gun laws, New Mexico sports 15 per 100,000 in deaths from gun violence. Republican Governor Susana Martinez won an "A" rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA).

During her Fall 2010 election campaign, Martinez said that she wanted to repeal the state's medical marijuana law. Now she has decided that repeal is "not a priority" for the 2011 legislative session.



Inhabited by Native Americans for millennia, New Mexico has also been part of the Spanish viceroyalty of New Spain, later part of an independent Mexico, and even later a U.S. territory, before becoming a state in 1912. During the American Civil War its pro-Union people and territory were the subject of Secessionist aggression.

"New Mexico--not a state, but merely a territory, whose twenty-five slaves were imported under Buchanan's presidency so that a slave constitution could be sent after them from Washington--has felt no enthusiasm for the South, as even the South concedes. But the South's enthusiasm for New Mexico caused it to spew a band of armed adventurers over the border from Texas. New Mexico has entreated the Union government for protection against these liberators." Karl Marx. Die Presse, November 7, 1871.

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