Mohammad-Reza Khatami or Seyyed Mohammad Reza Khatami (محمد رضا خاتمی), a.k.a. Reza Khatami is an Iranian political reformer. He serves as Secretary-General of the Islamic Iran Participation Front and is the younger brother of the fifth Iranian president Mohammad Khatami.

Election ReformEdit

On October 28, 2006 he told ISNA that, "We reformists are worried whether the elections would be healthy or not and whether there would manipulations on elections day and vote counting." Source: n.a. "Iran Reformers Worried About Election Fraud." Deutsche Presse-Agentur. October 28, 2006.


Mohammad-Reza Khatami was born in 1959 in Ardakan). Before entering politics he was a practising nephrologist for several years. In 1997 he entered politics after his brother's landslide victory and was appointed Deputy Minister of Health. He was elected in March 2000 to the Iranian parliament as the first representative of Tehran with 1,794,365 votes from the people of Tehran. Before that, he served as Vice Minister in the Ministry of Health for two years. He has also acted as the manager in charge of the now-banned reformist daily newspaper Mosharekat. In 1983, he married Zahra Eshraghi, granddaughter of Ruhollah Khomeini, a women's rights activist. They have two children; a daughter, Fatemeh, and a son, Ali.

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