Mohammad Ali Hosseini is the spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

Local "Knowledge"Edit

  • Logic isn't universal but instead has different national perspectives? Mohammad Ali Hosseini seems to think so. On April 8, 2007 he stated that, "The [uranium] enrichment suspension contradicts the provisions of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. We have repeatedly stated that a moratorium [on uranium enrichment] is not logical from Iran's viewpoint." Source: n.a. "Iran Will Continue Uranium Enrichment-Official." RIA Novosti. April 8, 2007. News Report

"Just Trust Us"?Edit

  • ON May 9, 2007 Mohammad-Ali Hosseini asserted that his country's nuclear program is completely peaceful and that there is no reason for concern: "The Islamic Republic of Iran's activities in peaceful use of nuclear energy has always been confirmed by the International Atomic Energy Agency and the international community and the Agency's reports testify that there is no room for concern over Iran's nuclear activities." Source: n.a. "Spokesman: Iran's Nuclear Program is Peaceful." IRNA. May 9. 2007 News Report. (Then why the government secrecy about the program? Transperancy is the key to trust.)


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