Veterans Medical Testing Assistance

I have talked at representatives from the 44th, 38th and 21st legislative districts, but they need to hear from their constituents about a bill to help Veterans get testing to determine their exposure to 'depleted' Uranium and other hazardous materials we use in our wars.

It is my understanding that Louisiana recently passed a bill. With the not-so recent return of our own local National Guard and many of your constituents from Iraq, I think we should do something to help in any way that we can in this state.

I understand the state can be reimbursed by the Department of Defense for this funding, but the DOD will not directly provide the testing themselves. If you saw a LIFE Magazine article titled "Tiny victims of Desert Storm", you can see why this is important beyond the ranks of our veterans.

You can find this article online at

You can find more about the Louisiana bill at the following links:

A Press Release about the Louisiana bill:

I hope we can do something about this in the legislature this coming session. This country has waited too long to acknowledge things like this in the past. Somebody I talked with on the Whitehouse Hotline a couple of years ago said “Veterans HAVE gotten the shaft lately”. I think it is time we changed that.

THANK YOU for any help you can provide.