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This is a list of potential questions for the candidates for Washington State Democratic Party chair in January of 2006.

  • What will they do about the $600,000 current party debt?
  • What will they do about putting in a user friendly database?
  • What will they do about accountancy?
  • What will they do about staffing?
  • What will they do about the lack of PCOs?
  • What will they do about "rogue" PCOs?
  • Do they like the current state Party website?
  • What should the Chair or Party do for individual party members, and vice versa?
  • How much influence and budget authority will the Technology Director and the WSDCC Technology Committee have under your chairmanship?
  • Who does the State Chair work for, the elected Democrats in office or the Grassroots? If both, how do you balance them?
  • How important is it for the State Chair to be effective at marketing the party and the parties choice for a given elected office, when the media offers the spotlight?
  • What are three of your goals?

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