This page will be used to track issues with the website, and let us all communicate on how to fix these issues and make our website more effective and usable.

This page contains a list of work items for the King County Democrats website.  If you have any suggestions, feedback, or want to help, please e-mail KCDCC 1st Vice-Chair, Rob Dolin.

More information can be found here

Priority 1 Work ItemsEdit

List / Content / Bug View Add Edit Other Notes
Committee Pages To Do Web editor To Do 'Need to add this'

Priority 2 Work ItemsEdit

List / ContentViewAdd EditOther Notes
Volunteers / Members / Activists(Password required)volunteer.aspxvolunteer.aspx?UserIDBasic form is working;
Pri-2: add issues to volunteer form
Campaign LinksTBD.aspx --Pri-2: Waiting on 2005 campaigns to get going
Elected Official Links TBD.aspx - - Pri-2: 'need to do this, but there are many existing sources
Ideas / FeedbackTBD.aspx Web form -Pri-2: create this

web form

(this is very important but e-mail works)
Visual designpart of all pages --Logo added

Pri-2: 'working with a volunteer graphic designers to make the site look more

Counter Bottom of every Every page viewn/aWorking

Functional (except for Pri-3 or lower work-items)

List / ContentViewAdd EditOther Notes
NewsPart of front page;


Includes commenting system and whitespace
User Assistance / Helphelp.aspx Web editor Web editor Working
Jobs ListservLink  n/aWorking,

Using ydwa-jobs

Mentor ProgramLink Same linkn/aWorking,
Login System(password protected) Form at top of all pagesDB Working
Introduction to Dem party politics acronyms.aspx Web editorWeb editorWorking,

'Started with a political acronym and term

definitions list
Page Views (password protected) Every page viewn/aWorking;

Includes view by page
Includes view by date

Includes graphs
Organization LinksOrgLinks.aspx Web editorWeb editorWorking
(News comments)


Pri-3: Indicate # comments by stories
PCO ListPCOList.aspx DBDBWorking;

Includes list of precincts not filled

Includes link to PCO form
PCO FormBecomeAPCO.aspx --Working; forms are up
Pri-3: Ability to apply online?
KC Dems Officers List2004officers.aspx Web editorWeb editorWorking;
Pri-3: get bio's for all officers
LD Officers List.../LD/?OrgID=<LD> DBDBWorking
Legislative DistrictsLDMeetings.aspx DB(Password required)Working;

Pulling from database;

Linked to LD pages;
Calendarcalendar.aspx AddEvent.aspx(Password required) Working;
Description of user privileges help.aspx WebWeb Working
Media LinksMediaLinks.aspx DBDBWorking;
Includes letter to the editor
E-mail SystemLikely archived with News (password protected)n/a


Integrated with news

Integrated with calendar
Donatedonate.aspx -- Working: page with location to send check;
User List(password protected) Form at top right of all pagesDB

View enabled for admin
Pri-3: Enable editing for admin

Pri-3: Enable editing for LDPU

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