The PCO list has some information that is public, and some that is private.


  • Name
  • Precinct
  • Address?


  • Address?
  • Phone
  • Email

Right now the information is in a .xls document maintained by the KC Dems chair and periodically posted on The questions are:

  • What information do we want to display on the website.
  • What information do we want to make available to whom?
  • How do we collaborate on the evolution of the file?
  • Who needs to be involved in the evolution of this list
  • How does any solution we choose respect people's privacy and protect the (non-public) information of the PCO's
Options for collaboration:
  • MS Excel
    • Advantages: Easy to pull reports; current system
    • Disadvantages: Single person as editor (currently the KC Dems Chair)
  • Google Spreadsheets
    • Advantages: Easy to use, secure
    • Disadvantages: Requires Google account to edit.

?:How does it perform with ~3000 lines of data? ?:Can columns be individually permissioned (i.e. the email address is only accesible to admins?)

  • Web-based database
    • Advantages: possible integration with activist DB; allows multiple editors
    • Disadvantages: time to develop; ease of creating new reports or bulk editing

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