Podcasting LiberallyEdit

We may have the technology hardware available for podcasts through Podcasting Liberally. We could probably ask for permission to use their setup and have some guests. It's 6 headsets and an audio box and laptop, so they can transport it around.

Question: Who is the key contact for this hardware and is there any cost or deposit required?

I'll find out from the coordinator for Seattle's Drinking Liberally.
Gavin Shearer and Richard D. Huff. They're interested in helping, so we need to sit down and find out how we can do this.

Question: What knowledge is necessary to setup and use this hardware and who has said knowledge?

The person who has the equipment should be willing to run the board. I'll ask.


If we want to spend the money, it might also be possible to rent access to one of the KUOW studios.

Question: cost?

Thanks for your question regarding the use of KUOW recording equipment.
Our studios are available to broadcasters and audio producers on a
limited basis (depending upon our own studio needs and the availability
of engineering personnel).  A producer could use our facilities to
record their own audio which could then be made into a podcast.
However, we do not create podcasts for outside clients.  The rate for
our basic production studio is $50 per hour with engineering assistance
included (booked in quarter hour units, half hour minimum).
I have contact information when we want to pursue this further.

If we can figure out how, we can also set it up to record phone conversations, including conference calls. We could try this around King County at first, then expand it during the 2008 races to help candidates and party orgs around the state.

MP3 files can be stored anywhere we have room, and videos can be uploaded to YouTube or GVideo and broadcast from any web page.

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