"Thank you Kentucky, you have perfected Bourbon, if nothing else." Andy Botwin, "Allosaurus Crush Castle" episode of Weeds Season 8, Episode 6

Kentucky, officially the Commonwealth of Kentucky is a border state. Originally part of Virginia, it is only one of four constituted as a commonwealth. (The others are Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. In 1792 Kentucky became the 15th state to join the Union.

Unfortunately for the Bluegrass State, "tucky" has increasingly been used to indicate political, social, and economic backwardness. For example, the western Iowa Congressional District of Steve King has been described as Iowatucky. Guadalatucky was the name of a fictional impoverished and violent Latin American country in the Inside Probing, Part 1 episode of My Name is Earl broadcast on April 30, 2009.

Welfare StateEdit

Republican New Jersey Governor said the following of Kentucky in July 2013: "I find it interesting that Senator Paul is accusing us of having a gimme, gimme, gimme attitude toward federal spending when in fact New Jersey is a donor state, we get 61 cents back on every dollar we send to Washington. And interestingly Kentucky gets $1.51 on every dollar they sent to Washington.” Christie Slams Rand Paul by Accusing Kentucky of Being a Leech on the Federal Government Eric W. Dolan. The Raw Story. July 30, 2013.

Underfunded Public Pension FundEdit

The Kentucky Employees’ Retirement System is dangerously underfunded, at only 47 percent. CBO Report

Gun ViolenceEdit

Kentucky ranks 5th out of 50 states in the most permissive gun laws and has the 14.4 per 100,000 death rate from gun violence to prove it.

Democratic PartyEdit

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