The Green Party of the United States is an alternative to the Democratic and Republican parties in the US. If you feel that the Republicans are too Orwellian and the Democrats are too submissive to Republican interests, then you might want to consider joining the Green Party.

The Greens are increasingly [1] successful in races for offices in local government, in positions where voters are willing to trust unorthodox candidates.

Political IdeologyEdit

The Green Party's politics are based on a set of ten policies called the Ten Key Values. These ten policies work as a guide for Greens and state and local Green parties to help them choose their own policies.

  1. Community-based economics
  2. Decentralisation
  3. Ecological Wisdom
  4. Feminism
  5. Grassroots democracy
  6. Non-violence
  7. Personal and global responsibility
  8. Respect for diversity
  9. Social justice
  10. Future Focus/Sustainability

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