Let's start saving for the next election. For US Senate, that's 2010. For the US House and Statewide races, that's 2008. City Council, County Council, etc. are in 2007 and 2009.

Buy a $100 bond now. The money will go into a savings account, earning the highest interest rate we can get. Right now that's around 4% at Capital One. So each year, we get $4.00. The more people save, the more we get.

Every month, the interest will be collected. Half of the interest will go back to build the balance of the account. Half that interest will be used for operational expenses of the caucus. That's $2.00, given the numbers above.

Not much, but if 10 people buy $100 bonds, we'll have $20. If 100 people buy $100, we'll have $200. Whether that is 10 bonds of $10 each, or any other combination, the principle is the same, as is the result.

At any time, if you don't approve of the direction that we're taking, you can cash in your bonds. You'll get your original money back, as well as the 2% it has earned. You don't lose money. And we won't have that 2% to use anymore. We'll change directions, and be encouraged to do so.

At any time, you can cash in your bond to provide a donation to a candidate or issue campaign. Money doesn't go to candidates unless you cash in your bonds to give it to them. This donation comes from you, not us, so we don't have to worry about PDC or FEC rules.

At any time, you can cash in your bond to give a donation to a charity.

At any time, you can cash in your bond for any other purpose. The longer you leave it, the larger it grows, just like any other savings vehicle. But it's your money when it leaves your hand, it's your money when it's sitting in the bank, and it's your money when you cash in your bonds.

This is the kind of foundation that I want to create for the progressive movement in Washington. It's your money, your vote and your voice. Let's build this movement and the future of our society on the wealth of our people, not their collective debt.

This is one third of my general fundraising strategy. The other two are direct donations and sales of things like bumperstickers, buttons, t-shirts, etc. It's going to be slow growing at first, but I want to declare war on debt, which is doing more damage to our society than terrorism, drugs or any other thing on which we have "declared war".

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