Denialism describes political behavior that rejects information because of its implications. Some deniers reject historical events. Some deniers scientifically established human agency in environmental and public health problems.

Denial of Historical EventsEdit

  • Refusal to credit the Holocaust committed by Nazi Germany and its fascist allies. For example, Baptist clergyman Steven Anderson denies that the Holocaust happened and describes Holocaust survivors as "paid liars."
  • Refusal to credit the genocide committed by the Guatemalan Army and Judicial Police against ethnic Mayans and leftists. See Kirsten Weld. 2014. Paper Cadavers. Duke University Press. p. 166
  • Refusal by the Turkish government and Turkish nationalists to admit the intent and scale of the 1915 Armenian Genocide. See Vicken Cheterian, Open Wounds: Armenians, Turks and a Century of Genocide. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015. Pages 185-86.


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