2010-02-16 Dean Willard

Dean Willard


Dean Willard is a Democratic candidate for the Washington House of Representatives, 5th legislative district (Issaquah, Fall City, Sammamish, North Bend, Snoqualmie, Maple Valley). He is seeking to unseat the current representative Glenn Anderson.[1][2]


As a senior in high school, Willard interned with Alaska Attorney General Will Condon.[3] Willard attended Brigham Young University, Idaho. He is married to Dorothy Willard.[4]


From [[1993] Willard was Vice President at Perception Management, a public relations and political campaign consulting company. He was responsible for informat ion technology functions. Then in 1995 to 2006 he was partner, Technology Consulting at Accenture. In 2006, he became Vice President, Enterprise Information Security at T-Mobile USA. In 2008, he left T-Mobile to start his own IT Security consulting business, working as a technology management and information security consultant.[1]


Behind the scenes workEdit

As a member of the 5th District Democrats, he's a district committeeman[5][3], and the chairman of the King County Democrats endorsements committee.[6] Willard worked behind the scenes on several campaigns including Joe Mallahan's recent Seattle mayoral campaign.[6][7] [8] Willard was a legislative assistant.[3]

2010 Campaign for State RepresentativeEdit

Dean Willard is challenging the incumbent, Representative Glenn Anderson, for position 2 in the 5th Legislative District because he feels the constituents are not well represented in the all Republican district.[3] His platform issues includes tax reform and funding for schools. He believes that the current tax system overly relies on sales taxes, a very regressive tax system. He feels that the Business and Occupation Tax was very unfair to small businesses, and that exemptions on property tax often favored large businesses. Willard says that K-12 basic education is in a very poor state due to the lack of proper funding.[3] Willard wants to use his corporate and entrepreneurial experience to help solve the state’s ongoing budget crisis, ensuring stronger economic development and building a world-class public school system.[9]

Community serviceEdit

Willard is on the board of directors for the Seattle Youth Symphony, the steering committee for Treehouse for Kids Golf Tournament, and the Washington Community For Self-Help Gala.[4]


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