June 25Edit

  • French President Nicolas Sarkozy urges speeding up deployment of troops and pledges an additional $13.5 million: "Silence is killing. The lack of decision and the lack of action is unacceptable." French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner comments: "There are now 19 rebel groups in Sudan and we must exert important pressure so they return to the negotiating table." Source: n.a. "French President Urges Action On Darfur." CBS News. June 25, 2007.

June 12Edit

  • In negotiations between the UN, African Union (AU) and Sudanese officials at AU HQ in Addis Ababa, the Sudanese agree to deployment of a hybrid UN-AU force of up to 23,000 in Dafur. Source: Tsegaye Tadesse. "Sudan Accepts Hybrid Force For Darfur: AU." Reuters. June 12, 2007. News Report

June 5Edit

  • Speaking at Czernin Palace in Prague, U.S. President George W. Bush recommits to the neo-conservative goal of spreading democracy and condemns the Sudanese government after condemning other governments: "And in Sudan, freedom is denied and basic human rights are violated by a government that pursues genocide against its own citizens. My message to all those who suffer under tyranny is this: We will never excuse your oppressors. We will always stand for your freedom." Source: White House Speech Writiers. "President Bush Visits Prague, Czech Republic, Discusses Freedom." The White House. June 5, 2007. News Source

May 2007Edit

May 29Edit

October 2005Edit

October 5Edit

  • UN envoy to Sudan Jan Pronk denounced Khartoum for not stopping militia atrocities against civilians or bringing killers to justice. He also states that neither the government nor the rebels had respected the ceasefire signed on 8 April. Source: n.a. "UN Raps Sudan Over Darfur Crisis." BBC News. October 5, 2005. News Report.

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