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Common Cause is a U.S. nonpartisan citizens' lobbying group (both professionally on Capitol Hill and grassroots advocacy in the states). According to their website, "Common Cause works for open, accountable government and the right of all citizens to be involved in shaping our nation's public policies". Their priorities include legislation to reform election campaigns, improving ethics and accountability in government, and equal rights for all citizens.

Common Cause was founded in 1970 by John William Gardner, who was the U.S. Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare.

Common Cause is a nationwide membership organization with members in all 50 states. It has 50 state chapters which lobby their legislatures as well as an active Washington D.C. lobbying team.

Chellie Pingree, a former state senator from North Haven, Maine, who ran an unsuccessful campaign to unseat Susan Collins in 2002 is the President and CEO of the organization.

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