Dear Voters:

I would like to share with you a few insights about my friend, JeanMarie Christenson.JeanMarie Christenson ran against the incumbent in 2006*. With only six months and no name recognition, her endless energy and commitment surprised the WA State Democrats who hadn't expected a near win in the Republican leaning 2nd District.

For nearly three years JeanMarie has immersed herself in every council meeting, land development meeting, and forum she could find. She has spent valuable time working across party lines as a visitor in and out of the Legislature in Olympia. She has forged some important alliances with both Democrats and Republicans. She has her finger on the pulse of what needs to be done to keep Washington State one of the best for small business, for alternative energy, and one of the least affected by the country's economic downturn.

Living between Rainier and Yelm, JeanMarie has the unusual ability to understand what the city's fast growth means to it's inhabitants, while also understanding rural issues. JeanMarie sat on the board of one of the largest ranches in Washington State.

JeanMarie listens, she cares about our veterans, our children, their education and our health, She wants growth for our local economy and wants developers to pay their part of infrastructure costs. She supports the environment, family farmers, and hunting and fishing lands.

Her ability to make things happen has gained her the respect and support of public officials and legislators alike.

I see JeanMarie Christenson as a focused and frugal campaigner. I see her using that same wisdom on our behalf in office.

Thank you.

Florence Vincent[[Category: Washington Democrats Thurston County]]

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