All Sports Radio, LLC is a media company. They own KRFT 1190 AM out of Desoto, a ?former? Air America Radio affiliate.

ON OCTOBER 31, 2005, All Sports Radio, LLC, filed with the FCC an application for construction permit to relocate Radio Station KRFT, 1190 kilohertz, De Soto, Missouri, to University City, Missouri, and add nighttime operation. The name of the sole member of All Sports Radio, LLC, is Missouri Sports Radio, LLC, the names of the officers of All Sports Radio, LLC, are Gregory J. Maracek and Harold T. Bohlmann. The names of the members and officers of Missouri Sports Radio, LLC, are Gregory J. Maracek, Harold T. Bohlmann, Timothy J. McKernan, James H. Carpenter, Jerald and Dianna Andrews, Anthony H. Chance, Garrison Chance, Jerry T. Clinton Revocable Trust, Edward E. Curtiss III, David Ganz, Business Furniture Liquidators, Joan S. Hummel, Hale S. Irwin, Rainbow Group, Inc., Jonathan J. Majers, William N. Toalson, Andrew Van Slyke, Marc W. Weise, Gary D. Reinboth, Trustee, Charles W. Schneider III, John R. Layton, C. B. C. Distribution, and Arnold W. Donald. A copy of the application, amendments, and related material are on file for public inspection at 8045 Big Bend Blvd, Webster Groves and 6801 Delmar Blvd, University City.

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