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  • U.S. Congress passes amendments to the 1970 Clean Air Act (Public Law 95-95). Section 110 (a)(3)(D) requires urban areas to implement transportation control measures (TCMs).
  • Pres. Jimmy Carter cancels Air Force’s supersonic B-1A bomber because the same atatcks can be carried out by cruise missiles.
  • Philip K. Dick publishes A Scanner Darkly. Released as a film in 2006.
  • 458,000 Americans are arrested on marijuana charges.
  • China's population is 949.74 million.



  • January: Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act of 1976 becomes law in Australia. Aborigines granted representative land councils in the Nirthern Terrirory, with the power to negotiate with developers to minimize environmental and cultural impacts.
  • January 20: Jimmy Carter inaugurated as the 39th President of the United States.



  • March 8: 1,500 Katangan exiles (Zairean opponents of the Mobutu dictatorship) invade Shaba province. Morocco intervenes to prop up the dictator's rule at the behest of the U.S. and France.
  • March 16: Leftist Lebanese leader Kamal Jumblatt is assassinated near Beirut.
  • March 16: Jimmy Carter becomes the first U.S. president to endorse the idea of a Palestinian "Homeland."
  • March 20: Former French Prime Minister and future French President Jacques Chirac is the first elected mayor of Paris in more than a century.


  • April 17: The Derg government of Ethiopia terminates the 25 lease on Kagnew Station a year early and gives the U.S. military and intellifgence services 4 days to leave.
  • April 21: Japanese Prime Minister Fukuda Takeo visits Yasukuni Shrine.


  • May: Ethiopian dictator Haile Mengistu Mariam, a.k.a. the Red Negus, goes to Moscow for military aid.
  • May 12: Pink Floyd performs first quadrophonic concert, in London.



  • July 11: Columbian Trotskist militant Roberto Maclean is assassinated on the doorstep of his house in Barranquilla, Columbia.
  • July 15-16: Hungarian communist dictator Janos Kadar and Romanian national communist dictator Nicholae Ceaucescu meet in Orades and Bebrecen.
  • July 27: John Lennon gets a green card to live in the U.S.


  • August 10: David Berkowitz, a postal employee, is arrested in Yonkers.
  • August 16: Elvis Presley, the King of Rock 'n Rock and BNDD Federal Agent-at-Large dies of a drug overdose at age 42.



  • November 12: Ernest "Dutch" Morial is elected Mayor of New Orleans, the first African-American to hold that office.
  • November 25: Fidel Castro decides to send Cuban troops to Ethiopia to defeat Somali invaders in the Ogaden.

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