1975 1976 1977


  • Alva Myrdal publishes The Game of Disarmament: How the U.S. and Russia Run the Arms Race.
  • James Scott publishes The Moral Economy of the Peasant.
  • Church Committee reports.
  • Miami Cuban wingnuts bomb a Cubana Airlines flight and kill 73 people.
  • Film The Voyage of the Damned is released.
  • Jerry Rubin publsihes his memoir Growing (Up) at 37.
  • China's population is 937.17 million.
  • UNCTAD IV in Nairobi.



  • January 1: Federal Hourly Minimum Wage is raised from $2.10 (1975) to $2.30 an hour.
  • January 30: Hard Times Conference, Chicago



  • March 1: Pakistani President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto names General Zia ul-Haq, a very pious Muslim, to be Pakistan's new army chief of staff. Not a good choice. Zia overthrows Bhutto in 1977 and executes him in 1979.
  • March 24: Bloodless military coup in Argentina. Military declares that it is beginning the Process of National Reconciliation or El Proceso.
  • March 27: South African troops driven out of Angola by the MPLA and Cuban troops. Pretoria loses face.


  • April 20: Raul Castro arrives in Luanda to discuss timetable for the withdrawal of Cuban troops.



  • July 4: United States celebrates its bicentennial.
  • July 19: Argentine military kills radicals Robi Santucho and Liliana Delfino discovered hiding in a 'safe house.'


  • September 9: Mao Zedong dies at the age of 82.
  • September 21: Chilean dissident exile Dr. Orlando Letelier and his American aide Ronni Karpen Moffitt are assassinated in Washington, DC, with a bomb planted by agents of the DINA, the Chilean secret police.


  • August 29: Political prisoner Rafael Lasala or 'Nestor' found dead in a cell in Unidad-9 Prison in La Plata.


  • October 18: Japanese Prime Minister Miki Takeo visits Yasukuni Shrine.


  • November 2: In the Presidential election, Democrat Jimmy Carter defeats quasi-incumbent Republican President Gerald Ford

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