1957 1958 1959


  • West Indies Federation founded.
  • Kim Philby marries third wife Eleanor Brewer.
  • The Blob is released.
  • The Ugly American is published.
  • Venezuelan dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez is overthrown.
  • Conservative cartoonist Edward Bruce Tinsley is born.
  • China's population is 659.94 million.



  • January 19: Allen Steele is born.
  • January 23: Venezuelan dictator (General and President) Marcos Evangelista Pérez Jiménez flees Caracas in a plane to the Dominican Republic.
  • January 31: United States launches its first successful satellite: Explorer I.


  • February 23: Cuba's July 26th Movement kidnaps Argentinian businessman Juan manuel Fangio. He is later freed.



  • July 5: Tzipi Livni is born in Tel Aviv.
  • July 14: Iraqi "Free Officers" stage coup d'etat that overthrows British installed monarchy in British created Iraq. Royal family assassinated.
  • July 15: U.S. Marines invade Lebanon.
  • July 15: Micro-invasion of Haiti by an army of 8 led by Capt. Alic Pasquet.
  • July 29: 4 PLAAF MIG-17Fs shoot down 2 ROCAF F-84Gs.


  • August 2-26: Charles de Gaulle tours Africa.
  • August 13: U.S. Marines begin withdrawing from Lebanon, and not for the last time.
  • August 23: Race riot in London's Notting Hill.
  • August 31: Che Guevara leads his band of revolutionaries from the Sierra Maestra toward Las Villas Province in Central Cuba. Later joins the March 13 Revolutionary Directorate in signing the Pedrero Pact, and continues moving his group to the west.


  • September 28: Referendum on the French Fifth Republic.
  • September 30: Egyptian style land reform introduced in Iraq to neutralize but not eliminate the old landowning class.


  • October 2: Guinea proclaims itself independent.
  • October 3: PLAAF MIG 17Fs shoot down 2 ROCAF C-46 trasports airdroppign supplies to the Nationalist garrison on Quemoy.
  • October 7: Major General Iskander Mirza imposes martial law in Pakistan and abrogates the constitution.
  • October 16: Che Guevara and his troops arrive at the Escambray mountains.
  • October 25: Last U.S. Marines withdraw from Lebanon.
  • October: New York Yankees win the World Series.


  • November 6: First anti-nuclear weapons (Thor missile) deployment demonstration in the UK, in Norfolk.


  • December 31: Cuban General Eulogio Cantillo stages a military coup d'etat that permits dictator Fulgencio Batista to flee into exile in Santo Domingo.

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