1912 1913 1914


  • Norway grants universal male suffrage.
  • U.S. voters granted the right to directly elect their U.S. Senators.
  • Oregon and Utah become the first American states to adopt strong minimum wage laws. Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, California and Washington follow their examples. Colorado adopts a weak Massachusetts style minimum wage law.
  • Naval Minister Winston Churchill asks for 50 million pounds for the Admiralty and four new dreadnaughts in 1914-1915.
  • California Alien Land Law is passed.
  • Huey P. Long marries Rose McConnell.
  • U.S. Marines continue to occupy the Isthmus of Panama, which they will do until January 21, 1914.
  • Switzerland opens the Lötschberg railroad line.



  • January: Canadian Arctic Expedition ship Karluk is crushed by ice pressure.
  • January 9: Richard Nixon born in Whittier, California.


  • Chinese general election gives the Kuomintang (KMT) 296 of 596 seats in the lower house of parliament and 123 of 274 seats in the upper house.
  • February 4: Rosa Parks is born.


  • March 10: Harriet Tubman dies.
  • March 13: William J. Casey born. Will later support Nicaraguan Contra terrorism as Ronald Reagan's CIA Director.
  • March 18: George I of Greece is assassinated.
  • March 26: Second Balkan War begins as Bulgarian forces take Adrianople, a.k.a. Thessaloniki.


  • May 13: Sandor Ferenczi founds the Hungarian Psychoanalytic Society.


  • June 4: Suffragette Emily Davison runs out in front of the British king's horse at the Epsom Derby in a protest; trampled and dies a few days later, never regaining consciousness.
  • June 15: Bud Bagsak Massacre in U.S. colonial Philippines.
  • June 17-25: Bulgaria loses the battle of Bregalnica to Serbia.
  • June 19-21: Bulgaria loses the battle of Kilkis-Lachanas to Greece.
  • June 22–23: Bulgaria loses the battle of Doiran to Greece.
  • June 27: Bulgaria loses the battle of Demir Hisar to Greece.


  • July 15-18: Greece loses the battle of Kalimanci to Bulgaria.
  • July 14-18: Serbia and Bulgaria are stalemated at the battle of Vidin.
  • July 18: Greece and Bulgaria are stalemated at the battle of Kresna Gorge.


  • August 15: Dublin Walkout begins.
  • August 31: Bloody Sunday police riot in Dublin.


  • September 3: Saburo Ienaga 家永 三郎 is born in Nagoya, Japan.
  • September 5-7: U.S. Marines evacuate American nationals from Ciaris Estero and the Yaqui Valley in Mexico.
  • September 29: Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa elected commander of the "Northern Division" of the Constitutionals.


  • November 13: Future U.S. installed puppet military dictator of Cambodia and mystigogue Lon Nol is born in Prey Veng Province.


  • December 1: Greece annexes Crete.
  • December 12: Menelik II of Ethiopia dies.

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