1909 1910 1911


  • Huey P. Long is expelled from school for distributing a petition against adding a 12th year of schooling as a graduation requirement.
  • Japan annexes Korea, Choson Dynasty (established in 1392) falls.
  • China abolishes slavery.
  • Tasmania adopts a minimum wage law.
  • Italian-Abyssinian Demarcation Commission begins work in Dule.
  • Standard Oil of New Jersey begins to explore for oil for Iraq.
  • Washington becomes the fifth American state to grant women the right to vote.
  • Democrat Lee Cruce defeats Republican Joe McNeal to become Governor of Oklahoma and the capital of Okalhoma is moved from Guthrie to Oklahoma City.
  • First Israeli kibbutz - Degania - is established.
  • U.S. Marines continue to occupy the Isthmus of Panama, which they will do until January 21, 1914.


  • February 10: Egyptian Prime Minister Boutros Ghali is assassinated.
  • May 19-September 4: U.S. Marines occupy Bluefields, Nicaragua.
  • October 5: Mexican liberal revolutionary Francisco Madero flees to the United States.
  • October 18: U.S. special agent Thomas C. Dawson arrives in Managua, Nicaragua for 10 days of meetings with Nicaraguan political leaders, who agree to call an election for members of a constitutional convention. The convention is to elect a president and vice-president for two years.
  • November 20: Mexican liberal revolutionary Francisco Madero crosses back into Mexico at Eagle Pass, the moment when orthodox Mexican historians normally date the beginning of the Mexican Revolution.

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