1907 1908 1909


  • Alexander Bogdanov publishes Red Star in St. Petersburg.
  • Medical researcher Karl Landsteiner isolates the polio virus.
  • Queensland adopts a minimum wage law.
  • Textile workers strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts.
  • U.S. Marines continue to occupy the Isthmus of Panama, which they will do until January 21, 1914.


  • January: Sanjak of Novibazar Railway project is announced.
  • January 13: Henri Farman wins the Grand Prix de Aviation and 50,000 francs by demonstratign ability to fly a one-kilometer circular course.
  • January 23: U.S. Marines occupying Cuba since 1906 are withdrawn.
  • February 1: Portuguese King Carolos and his heir Luis Felipe are killed by two assassins.
  • April 18: Magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocks San Francisco, killing 3000 to 6000 and causing fires that burn much of the city.
  • April 22: Former radical Liberal British Prime Minister (1905-1908) Henry Campbell-Bannerman dies.
  • April 23: Future anti-aparthied lawyer Bram Fischer is born.
  • May 26: First major oil strike is made in Persia/Iran.
  • June 23: Edythe Gertrude Hamilton, the future girlfriend of John Dilinger, is born in Fargo, North Dakota. Her father, Robert Hamilton, an upstanding Republican and Methodist, will abandon the family to return to Canada.
  • June 30: Tunguska Event.
  • October 14: Chicago Cubs Win World Series. Essential Details:
    • The Chicago Cubs win the World Series over the Detroit Tigers, four games to one. It would be the last time the Cubs have won the title since 1908.
    • Chicago Cub Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown pitched two scoreless games for two victories in the Series. Ty Cobb of the Detroit Tigers hit .368 in the series with one double, and four RBIs in the four games.
    • Cubs manager at the time, Frank Chance, played first base and hit .421 in the series. Game Five's attendance — the final game — was only 6,210 people, the smallest crowd in World Series history.
    • (Information gathered, but not copied and pasted from, the Baseball Almanac.)

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