1906 1907 1908


  • Fourth Hague Convention.
  • Britain and Russia divide Iran into spheres of interest, British in the south and Russian in the north.
  • Second modern Russian Duma elections produce a legislature more than radical than the first and it is quickly dissolved by order of the Czar. Third Duma is elected under electoral law that gives landowners preference and the resulting conservative legislature sits until 1912 and adopts a few tepid reforms.
  • National Industrial Union of Textile Workers, 1st chartered IWW industrial union is organized.
  • Year of labor militance: Marston Textile Mill, Skowhegan, Maine; 3,000 IWW sawmill workers strike in Portland, OR; IWW smeltermen strike in Tacoma, WA win 8-hour day and 15% pay hike; lumber workers strike in Humboldt County, CA, Missoula, MT and Vancouver, B.C.; bakers strike in San Francisco; textile workers strike at Mapleville, RI; workers at American Tube in Bridgeport, CT strike.
  • U.S. Marines continue to occupy the Isthmus of Panama, which they will do until January 21, 1914.
  • Ferdinand Ossendowski publishes prison memoir In Human Dust.


  • January 4: Persian monarch Muzaffar Ali Shah dies.
  • March: Pres. Theodore Roosevelt negotiates a racist "Gentleman's Agreement" to exclude Japanese immigration to the U.S. which would allow Japanese children in the U.S. to attend public schools and the Japanese government would stop issuing visas to Japanese immigrants to the U.S.
  • March 18-June 8: U.S. Marines intervene in Honduras.
  • May 4: Self-proclaimed Mahdi 'Abd al-Qadir Muhammad Imam Wad Habuba from Blue Nile Province in Sudan is captured by villagers in Debeibat al-Dubasin and handed over to the British.
  • May 8: 'Abd al-Qadir Muhammad Imam Wad Habuba is reportedly tried, convicted and sentenced to death for leading a revolt against British rule. Suspicion that he was not allowed access to legal counsel or otherwise given a fair trial.
  • May 17: The neo-Mahdist Wad Habuda revolt ends with the hanging of 'Abd al-Qadir Muhammad Imam Wad Habuda by the British at Hilat Mustafa.
  • August 31: Anglo-Russian Convention is signed. Britain and Russia agree on divide Persia/Iran into separate spheres of influence, with a neutral zone between. Over the nexy decade the focus of British anxiety will shift from Russian influence in Persia/Iran to German influence in Persia/Iran.
  • November 16: First gubernatorial election in Oklahoma. Democrat C.N. Haskell of Muskogee defeats Republican Frank Frantz, outgoing territorial governor.

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