1889 1890 1891


  • U.S. Census Bureau announces the closing of the American frontier. Millions of acres of formerly Native American owned land had been transferred first to public ownership and then to private interests. Stolen fair and square. The total population of Native Americans in the U.S. is only 250,000.
  • Italy declares Eritrea an Italian colonial possession.
  • Britain acquires Sikkim as an British imperial possession.
  • U.S. military intervention in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Rudyard Kipling publishes the poem "Mandalay."
  • Lucien Wolf becomes editor of the Daily Graphic.
  • Alfred Dreyfus enters the Ecole superieure de guerre.


  • May 19: Ho Chi Minh is born.
  • July-October: Anton Chekov lives on Sakhalin and later writes his nonfiction The Island.
  • October 2: Groucho Marx is born.
  • October 8: Eddie Rickenbacker is born.
  • December 5: Fritz Lang is born.

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