1883 1884 1885


  • German national and historian Carl Peters crisscrosses east Africa armed with a revolver, forcing village chiefs to append their “signatures” to "treaties" ceding sovereignty to their lands to Germany.
  • Berlin Conference to organize colonialism in Africa, a.k.a. the Scramble for Africa.
  • Borodin, a.k.a. George Brown, a.k.a. Mikhail Markovich Grunzeberg is born in the Pale in western Russia.
  • Sir John Seeley publishes The Expansion of England as imperialist propaganda.


  • February 26: Angl-Portugese Treaty signed to help carve up southern Africa.
  • March 13: The Sudanese army of the Mahdi (Muhammad Ahmad) lay seige to Khartoum.
  • April 1: U.S. Senate votes to support U.S. Pres. Chester Arthur's position on the colonial enterprise in the Congo of Leopold II, King of the Belgians.
  • October 11: Anna Eleanor Roosevelt is born.

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