1875 1876 1877


  • Turkey (Ottoman Empire) becomes the first country in Asia to adopt a formal constitution.
  • Sioux War of 1876.
  • Nationalist revolts in the Balkans: Serbia and Montegengro lose war against Ottoman Empire.
  • Russian Empire annexes Kokand.
  • Sir Mark Sykes is born.
  • Jean Longuet is born.


  • June 4: Ottoman Sultan Adbulaziz is found dead.
  • June 12: Nesrin, favorite wife of recently deceased Ottoman Sultan Adbulaziz is found dead.
  • June 14: Cerkes Hasan, brother of the non-deceased Nesrin, bursts into Cabinet meeting and assassinates Grand Vizier Huseyn Avni and Foreign Minister with a revolver.
  • July 5: Meir Henoch Mojszewicz Wallach-Finkelstein, the future Maxim Maximovich Litvinov (Макси́м Макси́мович Литви́нов) is birn in Białystok.
  • September 6: Gladstone's pamphlet The Bulgarian Horrors and the Question of the East goes on sale in Britain. 40,000 copies will be sold that week,
  • August 31: Abdulhamid II is proclaimed Ottoman Sultan.
  • October 24: Battle of Kumamoto.
  • November 1: Russia declares mobilization for war in the Balkans.

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